Rogue Traders operating.
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The internet has opened up the possibilities to shop around when looking for a product, enabling us to find the best possible price but sometimes do you find that the quality/service can be jeopardised?

Without the requirement of a shop front, businesses can be set up from a bedroom, lounge or back of a car with no real financial commitment invested into their business.

We are finding more and more, one man businesses being set up, these companies usually don’t have the right insurance or include a valid warranty, Usually offering the wrong information with products that are not up to standard or fitted incorrectly.

People need to be very wary of these types of companies, a good idea is to check their company house information, a lot of businesses might not be registered, which should ring alarm bells, or only very recently been set up.

When buying shutters, go through this list to make sure you get the product you deserve!

  • Always buy from approved shutter companies
  • Never buy under pressure on the night
  • Does the shutter company have good reviews?
  • Do they have own pictures of jobs they have fitted?
  • Don’t always go with the cheapest quotation
  • Do they have a showroom you can visit?
  • Google the company name for complaints
  • Remember cheap shutters turn out to be expensive shutters
  • Ensure they are an established business. 

We know it can be a minefield out there, but hopefully this article will help, good luck and happy shopping!


The Team at Le Louvre


Beware of Rogue Traders operating.
Article Name
Beware of Rogue Traders operating.
Don't be the victim of a rogue trader, read our article to make sure you don't get conned into a bad choice.

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