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Remember when buying your interior shutters that the majority of shutters are manufactured in Asia, John Lewis Shutters are manufactured in China which is true of the vast majority of interior shutters sold in the UK. Le Louvre’s solid hardwood shutters are manufactured in North America using native timber,  when considering interior shutters ask yourself would you buy mdf windows – you wouldn’t so why buy mdf shutters?

The solid hardwood Artisan range can be refinished, so in years to come if your changing your decor you could return your shutters to Le Louvre for re-finishing, allowing our hardwood shutters to last a lifetime just like the original victorian shutters you still see in use.

Victorian Solid Panel Shutters can be replicated offering you a sympathetic solution in restoration of period properties, more and more clients are looking toward solid panel victorian shutters for renovation projects combining the traditional solid shutter panels with luxury drapes and blinds.

Check what material you are being offered for your interior shutters and where it is manufactured, is the company selling the same shutters under a different name in DIY stores? Some companies blind you with PR and celebrity endorsements, remember it’s the quality of shutter that’s important not the glossy brochure!