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How do you choose the right shutters for your home from the daunting array of providers in London and the South East?

It can be very confusing.

Many companies sell very similar products which are often manufactured in the same place. And yet, when these shutters are branded for different UK retailers, the price tag differs significantly. So you need to be wary about what you’re buying. You don’t want to order something that isn’t quite what it claims to be.

John Lewis shutters are a popular choice in the UK and most of the orders are placed at its Oxford Street branch. But for people who live in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or Kent it’s much more convenient to travel to Ashford, Basingstoke, Chichester, Horsham or Croydon branches.

Alternatively, you could save the hassle and frustration of driving and parking by calling out a direct supplier to compare costs and quality. Before you make the trip to John Lewis. A good supplier will be happy to visit your home and run through all the options armed with catalogues and samples.

Know what shutters you’re buying

Steve Wassenaar from Le Louvre artisan shutters in Brighton explains: “The shutter market can be quite confusing. So it’s good to check exactly what it is you’re buying and where it comes from. For example, there are some shutters made from MDF which are sold with a hardwood effect. But some people get the impression these are real hardwood.”

It’s also good to check that your supplier uses experienced fitters. If you’ve paid a fair price for some hardwood plantation shutters for example, you don’t want to find tell-tale gaps between the shutter and the window frame.

“Some suppliers use self-employed sales people who have DIY experience,” says Steve. “So they may be more motivated to sell you something that earns the best commission. And they won’t have the eye of an experienced carpenter. Shutters and blinds usually have to be planed-down slightly when they’re being fitted to ensure they meet the exact measurements of your window frame.”

So choosing the right shutters doesn’t need to be daunting or confusing if you first seek advice from an experienced supplier. Someone who stakes his reputation on having an exclusive range of quality shutters and guarantees the highest standards of workmanship.

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